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Vladimir Laur

Lensa Magazine January 15, 2013 Photography No Comments


Let’s Get Out Of Here
Canon EOS 5D Mark II 1/1000 F/1.4 ISO 100  50mm
One summer day I was walking in the street and found such a great yard (in St.Petersburg we call them as yard-well, cause It’s a square right form). I stopped I thought how I can escape from this space and so I decided to add the helicopter and the rope ladder. I think it’s look like the resque action. So in Photoshop I just set the shadows and the color balance settings, in the end I added some textures over the picture.


Long Journey Starts From The First Step
The idea of the photo was to show the importance of the first step in whatever you do. You should get rid of your scares and fears and just start. For that photomanipulation I used different shots whis were made by me. For man photo I used 24 mm angle lens. In photoshop I tuned the perspective of the sky and ground. Then I added the person to the scene.


Walk Out
This intresting manipulation consist of two world, the urban, cruel world and the outside space. I decided to show this contrast in that work. “Urban” world was shooted in some St.Petersburg yard, that’s pretty hard to catch right person who is going to out side. I’m waiting for him about 30 minutes. So in Photoshop I cut out the yard theme and paste it before the field. Also I set the perspective. in the end I added some scratch texture.


Art gallery
That was one contest in which I wanted to take part. In this contest the participants must make one photo or photomanipulation with the word “art gallery”. In spring i’ve some photosession with my friend in which I have a lot of shoots with the Scarf. So after that I had a lot of scarf pieces and I began to make Letters from the scarf. It was pretty difficult on the one hand, and very intresting, because I didn’t do something like that before



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